Strategy & Planning

At Marigold ONE11, we understand that a solid strategy is the cornerstone of business success. Our Strategy and Planning services are designed to align your business objectives with actionable plans, ensuring a clear path towards achieving your goals.

Best Year Yet: Strategic Planning Consulting

Our ‘Best Year Yet’ partner program provides in-depth strategic planning consulting. We collaborate with you to map out a comprehensive plan for your business, focusing on achievable goals and sustainable growth.

Equip your business with a clear, actionable strategy for the year ahead. This program not only sets the direction but also empowers your team to reach new heights of success.

Building Your Story Brand

In line with the StoryBrand framework, we help you craft a compelling narrative for your brand. This approach ensures your message resonates clearly with your audience, creating a strong brand identity.

A well-defined StoryBrand elevates your market presence, making your brand not just seen but felt. It’s about creating a connection that turns audiences into loyal customers.

Working Genius Assessment Coaching: Efficient Team Building

Through the Working Genius assessments, we help you identify the unique strengths and talents within your team. This insight helps in assembling highly efficient and complementary teams.

Optimize your team dynamics with a deeper understanding of each member’s inherent genius. This leads to improved collaboration, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Process Review and Technology Leveraging

We conduct thorough reviews of your current processes and recommend leveraging technology, like BaseCamp, to enhance efficiency. This approach streamlines operations and improves project management.

By integrating the right technology, your business operations become more streamlined and effective. This not only saves time but also improves overall productivity and team coordination.

Your Journey with Marigold ONE11

With Marigold ONE11, strategy and planning are not just about charts and figures; it’s about building a narrative of success, understanding your team’s potential, and integrating the right tools for efficiency. Our services are designed to provide a holistic approach to planning, ensuring every aspect of your business is aligned for success.

Chart Your Course to Success

Ready to elevate your business with a strategic plan tailored to your vision? Contact us at [email protected] and let’s begin crafting a strategy that not only plans for success but ensures it. Let’s build, optimize, and grow together.