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Let dAisy do it

Creating, Managing, Testing, and Optimizing 24/7/365, dAisy Does It

Leverage the power of AI to take the pain out of managing your digital advertising. Some clients are seeing up to 90% reduction in costs and click-thru rates doubled.

Even with small, narrow niche, budgets dAisy not only optimizes your spend, but also helps you find the right platform(s) for your unique market.

Advertise like an expert, FAST! dAisy was trained based on over 20 years of experience building, running, and optimizing millions of $$$ worth of Ad budgets. Best practices are built in, dAisy does it for you!

The real difference is in the testing! dAisy is always testing, optimizing, and looking for ways to improve your Return On Ad Spend(ROAS). 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, dAisy is always working for you. No human or even expensive Ad agency can match that.

Whether you are brand new to digital advertising or are already up to your neck in managing your campaigns across endless platforms, dAisy is the answer you’ve been looking for to boost your traffic, improve your ROAS, and get back to working on your business instead of obsessing over your marketing programs.


You can do this! (dAisy does the hard stuff)
$ 97
  • Campaign Creation & Structure
  • Audience Targeting & Building
  • A/B Testing & Optimization
  • Custom Ad Plan Templates
  • Nearly Every Ad Type In 1 place
  • Trained By Ad Experts
  • Ad Consistency Across All Platforms
  • AI Ad Creation Studio
  • Integrated Analytics Built-in
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Keyword & Content Tools
  • Get Started Help Available!
  • New Features & Platforms Added Monthly

Small Budgets Managed

Budgets up to $3000/mo, We take care of everything!
$ 297
  • No Setup Fees
  • Fully leverage all of dAisy's features
  • Experienced setup for faster results
  • Human layer of optimization & management
  • Professional Ad creative assets
  • Fastest access to new platforms & features
  • Expert analysis to build new campaigns
  • Perfect for small businesses or start-ups
  • 3 platforms included, $50/mo each additional platform

Fully Managed

Budgets over $3000/mo, We take care of everything!
Additional charge of 5% of total Ad spend/mo
$ 397
  • No setup fees
  • Fully leverage all of dAisy's features
  • Experienced setup for faster results
  • Human layer of optimization & management
  • Professional Ad creative assets
  • Fastest access to new platforms & features
  • Expert analysis to build new campaigns
  • Perfect for small businesses or start-ups
  • Ideal for eCommerce & high-traffic sites
  • Unlimited platforms & campaigns
  • Dashboards & Reporting

Why dAisy Is Perfect For Digital Advertising

Continuous Optimization

dAisy is constantly monitoring, testing, and optimizing your campaigns. No human can match this!

Consolidated Management

dAisy brings every platform into a single management & reporting interface.

Time Savings

dAisy automates the majority of campaign creation, organization, and management tasks.

Creative Asset creation

dAisy leverages the power of Ai to allow Ad creative to be generate in just a couple clicks.

dAisy Is Already Working For

dAisy‘s Ai engine is already managing over 20,000 campaigns and $1M in ad spend. Here are a few of our clients that are working with dAisy:

Common Questions

dAisy makes it easy for you to plan and execute your marketing  campaigns, find insights in your analytics, and act on your insights with targeted ads. Using AI, dAisy handles difficult tasks like bidding, remarketing, match types, A/B testing and more. We regularly update dAisy‘s training to include the latest best practices to keep you a step ahead without you having to spend hours learning the latest tactics.
It is hard to imagine an easier, faster, or more budget friendly way to get started driving Ad traffic to your website. In just a few clicks you can be promoting your business, persona, idea, or service online with no marketing, design or technical experience necessary. And dAisy can work with budgets as low as $1 a day!

Marigold ONE11 will only charge you for your dAisy subscription fees monthly. Your Ad spend will be paid by you directly to each platform. (Great use for your mileage + card… fly free)

Currently dAisy supports Google, Meta, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Spotify, LinkedIn, and Bing. New platforms are being added every month. Our goal is to be a single source for all platforms.

You may cancel your dAisy subscription at anytime. We do not refund previous monthly charges. NOTE: Your campaigns will continue to run on your Ad platforms, you must pause campaigns to prevent them from continuing to run.

Absolutely! dAisy can help agencies save time, so they can focus on bringing in more customers. We are working on a white label platform as well, stay tuned!

Without getting into any big debates on the merits or risks associated with AI on a whole, we believe strongly that AI is perfectly suited for the management and optimization of digital Ad campaigns. You remain 100% in control of your campaigns and spend. You have direct access to all platforms and can pause or cancel campaigns at anytime. Our fully managed subscriptions add an additional layer of human monitoring, management, and optimization. AI just does all the hard, boring, and monotonous work!

Still Have Questions?

Contact us for a live demo and we’ll answer any additional questions you might have. As always, our goal, is to help your business grow and thrive!

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