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dAisy Digital Marketing Management

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Try Digital Advertising with dAisy Ad Management as Your Perfect Companion!

What We Offer

With a holistic assessment, we produce a clear roadmap to achieving your goals.

Spend more time on the business and less time in the business.

Define and achieve the results that are the most critical to success.

Strategically craft and optimize content to boost online visibility and attract targeted traffic through search engine rankings.

Software and application  development play a critical role in driving business innovation.

We are dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness of your online presence. 

Leverage social platforms to enhance brand presence, engage with audiences, and drive business growth.

Leverage technology and process to build a superior customer experience.

We love helping great people build great customer experiences

Marigold ONE11 helps businesses leverage technology to enhance customer experience and improve internal efficiencies. Our business model is based upon the marigold’s role as a companion plant in gardens. Master gardeners know that if you plant marigolds around your vegetables, they will repel pests, attract pollinators, and feed critical nutrients back into the soil, which allows the garden to be healthier and more abundant.  Marigold ONE11’s mission is to leverage technology & talent to help our clients grow and thrive. 

bEEEzy Resources

   Welcome to The bEEEzy Resource Page where we simplify the complexities of business. Our unique name is more than just a catchy phrase; it embodies our core philosophy: Evaluate, Equip, and Execute. We are focused on equipping you with the necessary tools and insights, and guiding you to execute your plans with precision and efficiency. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business professional, our resources offer a treasure trove of tips, techniques, and thought-provoking ideas to help you navigate the ever-changing business landscape. Join us on this journey to make business not just easy, but “bEEEzy.”

Why ONE11?

The text message that started it all for Marigold ONE11 was sent at 1:11 PM on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. In the days that followed the number 111 just seemed to keep turning up. A little fun research turns up that the number 111 has some deeper meaning. It is said that 111 shows up when you are about to experience an awakening, a fresh start, or find your true calling. In Genesis 1:11 God creates all vegetation, and trees to bear fruit from the land. For us, ONE11 symbolizes our new beginning and desire to help our customers grow and thrive.

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