bEEEzy Online Office Hours

We are excited to invite you to our bEEEzy Online Office Hours, a weekly opportunity for open, insightful conversations about AI, eCommerce, Digital Marketing, & Entrepreneurship. Just Marigolds being Marigolds, doing our best to make business easy.

bEEEzy Learning

  • Digital Course Creator – If you are a ChatGPT subscriber, checkout our Digital Course creation Bot. No cost to try it out. Create your digital course for monetization or lead generation today Check it out!

bEEEzy Tools for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

  • Elevator Spaces provides Co-Warehousing, Co-Office Spaces and amazing digital commerce resources. Check them out!
  • Gusto Payroll is an absolute favorite of ours. Payroll and tax filings are done in just a few clicks. Even with employees in multiple states. We LOVE Gusto!
  • Foundation One Bank is an amazing resource for small businesses. Imagine having a banker you can actually go talk to and that has a vested interest in you and your business’s success. Small business banking at it’s best.
  • Marketplace Nebraska provides expert guidance to individuals, families, and businesses looking for affordable health care insurance. You could improve coverage and save significantly all at no cost or obligation. Talk to Mark Schlange today!